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31-07-2015, 14:16

Over 100 Tajik citizens killed in Syria, Iraq


Avesta.Tj | 31.07.2015 | More than 100 Tajik nationals were killed in Syria and Iraq fighting alongside the Islamic State (IS) militant group, Tajik chief prosecutor said Friday.

There are about 30-40 Tajik women following their husbands to Syria and Iraq. "We couldn't exactly say they are fighting there or not, but we know they went to Syria and Iraq with their husbands”, Tajik Prosecutor-General Yusuf Rakhm Ahmadzoda told at a press conference.

Criminal proceedings won’t be instituted against them if they return to Tajikistan, he said.

Ahmadzoda said that he met on Thursday with Tajik woman, who stayed in Syria together with her husband for a year. 

"Her husband was fighting alongside the IS militants and was wounded in battle. Nobody provided assistance to him and he died. After his death, the woman fled Syria through Turkey and Tajik diplomats helped her to return home,” the chief prosecutor said.

According to Tajikistan’s Interior Ministry, 519 Tajiks are fighting in Syria and Iraq alongside the IS militant group, 150 of them were killed and 35 returned home.