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18-09-2014, 11:47

US Dollar Exchange Rate Grows, Russia’s Ruble Falls in Dushanbe

Avesta.Tj | 18.09.2014 | The US dollar exchange rate against Tajik somoni has been increased dramatically since Wednesday in currency exchange offices in Dushanbe.


The buying rate makes 5.15 somoni for $1, the selling rate – 5.19 somoni. A week ago it was 5.10 somoni and 5.12 somoni respectively.


While, rate of the Russian ruble against Tajik somoni decreased by eleven points – 1.33 somoni for 1 ruble, a week ago it was 1.44 somoni.


Tajik center bank said Thursday that a number of factors, including external factors, particularly reduction of remittances from abroad, as well as sanctions against Russia are reasons of the US dollar's rise.


Tajik National Bank noted it is monitoring the situation in the currency market and examines all the processes and consequences.