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17-11-2014, 14:59

Tajikistan’s External Trade Turnover Amounts to 4.4 bln U.S. Dollars


Avesta.Tj | 17.11.2014 | For the past ten months of this year, Tajikistan’s external trade turnover amounted to 4.4 billion U.S. dollars, which is 8.1 percent or 330 million U.S. dollars more than in the same period of last year, Statistics Agency said Monday.


The trade balance was negative and amounted to more than 2.7 billion U.S. dollars. Tajikistan has had trade relations with 88 countries of the world, including 10 CIS countries.


For the reported period of this year, exports of goods have amounted to 812 million U.S. dollars, which is 3.8 percent more than in the same period last year. This year, imports of goods into the country have amounted to more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars, which is 9.1 percent more than in last year.  


Over the first ten months of this year, the major trading partners of Tajikistan were: Russia – more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, Kazakhstan – more than 695 million U.S. dollars, and China – 645 million U.S. dollars, Switzerland - 400 million U.S. dollars, Turkey - 308 million U.S. dollars.