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24-02-2015, 12:29

Two-way-trade between Tajikistan, Uzbekistan up for first time in 8 years


Avesta.Tj | 24.02.2015 | A trade turnover has significantly reduced between Tajikistan and six members of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Tajik Ministry of Economic Development and Trade said Tuesday.

The trade turnover reportedly reduced with Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Tajikistan’s trade turnover with Azerbaijan in January estimated at 346,800 U.S. dollars or 96.1 percent, Belarus -- 51.9 percent and Kazakhstan -- 31.8 percent.

In the same period, Tajikistan’s trade rose with Moldova, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan and reached 3.9, 35.2 and 33.1 percents respectively.

Over the past eight years, the trade turnover rose for first time between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The trade between the two countries reportedly amounted to79 000 U.S. dollars, which was 10.6 more than in January 2014.

The total volume of Tajikistan-CIS nations trade amounted to some 145 million U.S. dollars , which was 22.9 percent of the 2014 level or 42.9 million U.S. dollars fewer.