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17-07-2014, 17:04

Chinese Investors Planning to Rent 10 Hectares of Land in Qumsangir

Avesta.Tj | 17.07.2014 | Chinese investors are planning to lease 10 hectares of land for the cultivation of agricultural products in Qumsangir district of Hatlon province (in southern Tajikistan), the Agriculture Ministry reported today.


The talks on land lease have held between Chinese investors and Qumsangir administration.


In the Soviet times Karadum lands had been cultivated and irrigated by pumping stations, but these fields are not used now. Chinese investors are planning to lease 10 hectares, meanwhile the local farmers apply to rent 6 hectares of Karadum land.


According to the Agriculture Ministry, the Chinese company Xincyan Inhai currently leases 302 hectares of land in Yovon district, where the Chinese farmers are cultivating grains and raw cotton.


The Chinese investors fulfill all requirements on the using of mineral and chemical fertilizers that would avoid land degradation.


In January 2011, Tajik authorities made a decision to lease some 500 hectares of land in Khatlon province to Chinese farmers – 150 hectares in Jomi district, 150 hectaresin Yovon district and 85 hectares in Rumi district.


The Agriculture Ministry officials noted in January 2012 that Chinese farming unit will invest 2 million U.S. dollars and provide modern technologies and technical to make those fields productive and efficient.