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9-06-2015, 14:17

Tajik president proposes to declare one more int’l water decade


Avesta.Tj | 09.06.2015 |In a statement delivered at the high-level international conference on the implementation of the International Decade for Action, "Water for Life”, 2005-2015, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon on Tuesday proposed to declare an International Decade for Action "Water for Sustainable Development”.

"New decade will strengthen and enhance progress achieved during the "Water for Life" Decade and establish a good platform for the consolidation of our efforts for further resolution of water issues, Rahmon said.

President Rahmon noted that Tajikistan is the richest Central Asian country in terms of water resources. In the territory of the country 64 billion cubic meters of water originate annually that makes more than 60 percent of river flow of the region.

Tajik government attaches a great importance to improvement of water supply to the national economy and population.

During the period of the "Water for Life" Decade for Action nearly 1.648 billion U.S. dollars from different sources has been invested in implementation of water related projects and programs. In this period one and a half million people in the country have got access to safe drinking water.

Nevertheless, providing population with clean drinking water still remains the priority issue for the country’s water sector, since regardless of significant achievements of the last decade the target to improve water supply conditions is significantly behind the schedule.

Hydropower being the most important component of the economy of Tajikistan is the country’s main source of power supply to the population and economy.


98% of electricity in Tajikistan is generated by hydropower plants. Despite the enormous hydropower potential Tajikistan due to various problems currently uses no more than near 4 percent of its potential and each year up to six months during the winter season population of the country faces severe power shortages.

This situation is absolutely unacceptable in the conditions of the beginning of XXI century and will have negative impact on the socio-economic development of the country and the achievement of all development goals.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, high-ranking state officials of a number of countries as well as heads of a number of UN agencies and international organizations will also deliver their statements at the opening ceremony of conference.