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30-09-2015, 12:24

Tajik president proposes to proclaim new water decade


Avesta.Tj | 30.09.2015 | Tajik President Emomali Rahmon proposed to consider a possibility of proclaiming a new water decade aimed at promoting the implementation of the new agenda for sustainable development, the presidential press service said Wednesday.

Rahmon made the remarks when addressing the annual high-level general debate of the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday.

"The other day we adopted "a road map” for achieving sustainable development, which incorporates the water component, in a comprehensive manner. In the next fifteen years, against the background of ever-increasing impact on water resources of climate change, degradation of environment, population growth, food and energy crises, we will have to undertake enormous efforts for a timely achievement of the set goals”, said Rahmon.

Tajik president noted that development of cooperation, partnership and water diplomacy will promote a timely adoption of relevant measures on mitigation of the impacts of the above destructive processes and timely achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Summing up the 70 years of activities of the UN, Rahmon said: "For 70 years the UN has guarded peace and security, development of international cooperation and human rights. Over this brief, in terms of history period, the UN has done a lot to promote stability, sustainable development, reduction of poverty and inequality.  Over these years the development of international cooperation has achieved considerable success.  The summit adopted the new agenda for sustainable development, which lays down the foundation and identifies the areas of further efforts of the international community at achieving sustainable development that would meet the interests of all peoples and each individual”.

Rahmon stressed a special contribution of the UN to sustaining the establishment of new independent states and their further development.

He also reminded the role of Tajikistan in the fight against terrorism and extremism, transnational organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and arms smuggling, human trafficking, and said that "Our police officers are participating in the joint peacekeeping operations of the UN and the African Union in Darfur and are contributing to peace building process shoulder to shoulder with the colleagues from other member states.  The Drug Control Agency that was established with the UN support, continues to play an important role in combating illicit drug trafficking.”

Since 1995 Tajikistan’s national drug enforcement authorities have confiscated one 111 tons of narcotics.  This amount is equal to 206 million 650 thousand drug dozes, and can have turned 50 million people the world over into drug abusers, Tajik president said.

Rahmon expressed his concern over the increase in the number of armed conflicts and acts of terror, food, energy and financial and economic crises, degradation of environment, climate change, spread of infectious diseases and called upon the world community for a concerted and comprehensive response. In this context, Rahmon claimed that "the UN remains the key platform for achievement of consensus on the key issues of international security and development, and also for coordination of joint actions of the entire international community in meeting numerous global challenges and risks”.

"Throughout joint efforts, we should search for ways of addressing the issues of poverty reduction, dealing with the negative impact of globalization, preventing and resolving regional conflicts,”said Rahmon and proposed  to strengthen intercultural and interfaith dialogue, mutual trust and tolerance.

Tajik leader expressed  views on the current situation in Afghanistan and said that "Tajikistan stands for expanding friendly and good neighboring relations with Afghanistan, and calls on the international community to support the efforts of the government of this country at achieving peace and stability by addressing the social and economic problems, continuing the process of national reconciliation and dialogue, and involving the country in the regional cooperation.” 

Tajikistan continues to make its practical contribution to the social and economic development of the neighboring state, Rahmon added.

During his speech, Tajik president also touched upon the issues of climate change and expressed hope that the member states will take advantage of an opportunity to meet in Paris in December 2015 and will adopt a new document on climate change based on the principles of the UNFCCC and by doing so will lay down one of the foundations for a transit to sustainable development.