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16-11-2011, 11:34

General Director of Rogun replied "The truth of the East"

Avesta.Tj | 16.11.2011 | General Director of JSC "Rogun" Nurullo Shulashov wrote and circulated a response to the article "When a statement at odds with the reality," published in the newspaper "The truth of the East" in Uzbekistan, November 1 this year.

Nurullo Shulashov writes:


First of all, I would like to remind that the construction of Rogun hydropower, which began as correctly noted by the authors article in 1970, today - continues.


And it is clear that the technical project Rogun developed Central Asian branch of "Hydroproject" (Tashkent) in the Soviet period and, accordingly, was approved at the highest level of the executive body of the period - Council of Ministers dated November 27, 1980 for the number 2411 p, after due consideration the expertise of head of the Institute "Hydroproject" - on the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR, the USSR State Construction Committee Glavgosexpertiza agreement and the State Committee on Science and Technology of the USSR.


The title list of construction open the Council of Ministers decree on March 26, 1981, № 536 p., Preparatory construction period opened by order of the USSR Ministry of Energy on October 14, 1976, № 334.


On behalf of the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1985, the project has been revised, updated and reconfirmed by the Protocol of December 27, 1985 № 248 of the joint meeting "Tadzhikglavenergo 'Union building and construction union" Soyuzgidroenergostroy "Main Directorate of the Office of Capital Construction and assessment of projects and budgets of the USSR Ministry of Energy without changing the basic technical indicators waterworks.


It is thus approved by all major projects of the period. If today is not recognized as a mechanism for project approval that period, along with hundreds (if not - and thousands) of major projects in the former Soviet republics, there is a need to review and examination of hundreds of new projects implemented in the territory of the brotherly Uzbekistan, including Tuyamuyun waterworks, the development of the Karshi Steppe and numerous other facilities for irrigation purposes to promote the cultivation of millions of tons of cotton and other agricultural products and bringing huge profits the national economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Thus, both before and after project approval Rogun, its technical feasibility, economic profitability, environmental security is really tested and discussed many times, and never a negative assessment of this project is not received. I think that this is well aware of the authors published an editorial in the newspaper "The truth of the East" on November 1, 2011.

However, given the scale of the ongoing project, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan voluntarily approached the World Bank to organize an international independent expert group, which is now once again considering the Rogun project, while controlling the course of the repair, additional engineering - surveying and other works on this site.


Incidentally, this world-leading experts of the Expert Group on Geology and Seismology (in particular, independent experts, prof. P. Marinos and prof. Spaysik L.) at this stage, the draft does not attach a high value of geological and seismological hazards, noting, that "... in general, special geological risk - no" and "opportunity gaps blocks - is very low and virtually non-existent."


Thus, the foundation of the future dam with "seismotectonic fault", which is so worried about "experts" with preconceived notions, in terms of other, equally well-known international experts (as well as the former Soviet experts who gave their time to a positive conclusion to this project) , creates no problems.


Meanwhile, at the present time in the Republic of Tajikistan, a network of digital broadband seismic stations for dual control of seismic events (eg, earthquakes). Under the guidance of world-renowned for Seismology, Acad. Negmatullaeva SH the project "Rehabilitation of the seismic monitoring network in Tajikistan" on the basis of digital broadband seismic stations of the company "Nanometriks" (Canada) with satellite programs. It is now open 7 of the most modern plants, analogues of which can hardly be found in neighboring countries.


To create the backbone of Tajikistan will equip 14 of these stations. Apart from these, to provide additional network of seismological observations in the construction of large hydroelectric power plants is planned to install another 14 similar stations. Commissioning of the 28 digital broadband seismic stations with satellite communication needs of all stakeholders of seismic information.


All these steps taken by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, show unconditional understanding and control of existing questions (and not only associated with the base of the dam) Rogun.


This approach makes the Tajik authorities to pay serious attention to work quality and reliability of the previously constructed hydroelectric facilities, the timing and amount of repair work which proved to be quite large. This is due to long-term - more than fifteen years - stop large-scale construction without any - or the desire to conserve and improve the individual elements of some buildings and structures with a more modern approaches and to improve their performance. All this, of course, requires the development of large physical and financial costs, which currently account the Tajik side in its budget and carried out. A score of expenses Uzbek colleagues like something, when one looks, I'm sorry, in the pocket of another ...


With regard to the Minister of Industry and Energy of Tajikistan, Mr. Gul Sherali that "the Tajik side is not going to change its decision on the continuation of the Rogun regardless of the outcome of environmental and social assessment of the project," it should be taken as the opinion of one of the Members of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. A final decision on the project in one form or another, either on the date of the Vakhsh overlap is accepted only by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, and not a single minister of this government.


All these facts are, unfortunately, often distorts some good neighbors, they say a sincere effort of senior management in the Republic of Tajikistan the decision of the vital issues of energy supply, its population and economy as a whole, taking into account the possible interests of the region.


Because the truth - is simple: no country in the world, and especially among the developing countries will not leave already invested billions of dollars in business started and bring the case to one form or another to its logical conclusion.