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17-11-2011, 16:16

Ministry of Agriculture organized the fair for agricultural workers Rogun

Avesta.Tj | 17.11.2011 | Department of Agriculture in Tajikistan organized the day before the fair for agricultural workers Rogun and residents Rogun. The press center of the Ministry of Agriculture.


Rogun builders were invited to more than 63 tons of agricultural products - potatoes, onions, meat, vegetable oil, melons at a price 40-50% below market.


Agricultural products provided agricultural workers of districts Faizabad, Nurabad, Rasht, Tajikabad, Tavildara and Jirgatol.


At the fair has been proposed as production departments of Agriculture, such as PMT, "Poultry," SUE "Mohii Tojikiston" ("Tadzhikryba") and SUE "Asali Tojik" ("The Tajikhoney").