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18-11-2011, 16:01

Rahmon: We have no other alternative but Rogun

Avesta.Tj | 18.11.2011 | President Emomali Rahmon congratulates Tajik scholars with the 60th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic. The press office of the President in his speech at a ceremony today, November 18 at the Academy of Sciences building in Dushanbe, the president called the color of the Tajik intelligentsia scientists. The leader of the state called on scientists to implement their projects within the country, develop the economy and international relations.


During his speech, the president touched on various areas of the republic, including the development of the hydropower complex.


"Today the whole world is in search of alternative energy sources, given the rapid growth of world population has reached more than 7 billion people. In this regard, increased demand for food and fuel, causing a rise in prices on world markets ", - said the President.


"In these circumstances, most affordable and cheapest is to use renewable energy, primarily hydroelectric, which give the most cheap and clean energy" - the president said.


"According to scientists, water power resources of Central Asia is 554 million kW / h, much of which has at Tajikistan. Studies that had a World Bank experts, show that after 15 years the region's electricity demand will be 206 billion kW / h ", - said President Rahmon.


"We have no way other than how to complete the construction of Rogun and other hydropower projects. The people of Tajikistan, according to international standards, has the right to use its natural resources for the development of the country as well as solving many socio-economic issues, particularly the problem of providing the population with jobs, and in general, Tajikistan's future have a direct dependence on electricity, "- said the President.


"We have no oil and gas, and, for nearly 20 years, seven millionth population of Tajikistan is experiencing difficulties due to lack of electricity, especially during the winter. Our position is well known throughout the world, and many countries and international organizations to cooperate with us in this direction, "- said President Rahmon.


"Currently, Tajikistan is the matter with full responsibility and all our initiatives related to the use of water and energy resources are directed to the benefit of the whole region", - stated the President.