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29-11-2011, 15:40

Running water in the Nurek increased. Energy Limit changes are not expected

Avesta.Tj | 29.11.2011 | flowage of the Vakhsh River in the vicinity of the Nurek reservoir increased. As reported by "Avesta" in "Barki Tojik", these days the flowage of the river is 352 cubic meters of water per second, compared with same period last year to 102 cubic meters


According to the source, due to the increase in flow changes in the supply of electricity to consumers will not be made. He noted that every day in the country produced more than 46.1 million kilowatt / hours of electricity. Of these, 27.7 million kW / h accounts for the Nurek hydroelectric power station.


The largest consumers of electricity are industrial facilities and population. For example, Aluminum Company "Talco" consumes more than 14.5 million kWh / day. Currently, electricity is supplied to the population in regions of the average 8-10 hours a day.


According to the Statistics Agency of the country, the share of electricity in foreign trade turnover amounted to 0.1%. During the ten months of this year exports of electricity amounted to 136.6 million kW / h, more than $ 3 million


Indicators of electricity imports amounted to 65 million kW / h, the amount of $ 1.3 million compared to the same period last year, exports of electricity declined by 0.5% and imports by 88.9%.