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1-12-2011, 10:35

Why Sangtuda-2 does not produce electricity, and when the second wheel spun HPS?

Avesta.Tj | 01.12.2011 | Power Minister of Tajikistan did not specify the time starting the second stage of Sangtuda-2. Also refused to comment on the company Sangob, a contractor of the project on construction of Sangtuda-2.


On the question of "Avesta," when will be commissioned in the second stage of HPS, CEO Saeed Askari only said that "all the information you can get in the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan." At the time of publication Minenergoprom RT to get this information failed.


Meanwhile, a source in the energy departments of the republic, who did not want to advertise his name, said the Sangtuda-2 does not produce electricity since the official launch of the first stage.


Previously considered options for connecting Sangtuda-2 to the operating mode, and graphics power outage. It was expected that electricity generation power station begins in mid-October.


Recall that the first unit of hydro officially was launched on 5 September this year, in the presence of the presidents of Tajikistan and Iran.


According to the project capacity of the first stage Sangtuda-2 is 110 MW and annual output of 500 million kw / h of electricity. After the full commissioning of Sangtuda-2 is able to develop up to 1 billion kW / h of electricity and 220 MW.


In his speech at the opening ceremony of the first stage of Sangtuda-2, the Tajik president said that the second unit will run hydro to the end of this year.


Construction of Sangtuda-2 officially began on 20 February 2006. For the construction of Sangtuda-2 Iran has allocated $ 180 million share of the Tajik side of the project was $ 40 million


Revenues from hydropower, after putting it into operation for 12.5 years will belong to Iran. When this period is the object will become the property of Tajikistan.