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6-12-2011, 09:41

Tajikistan considers it expedient to build cascade for development of new lands in Afghanistan

Avesta.Tj | 06.12.2011 | Foreign Minister Zarifi Hamrokhon attended and spoke at the International Conference on Afghanistan on the eve of Bonn (Germany).


According to the information department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, at the outset Zarifi expressed hope that "today's meeting, which sums up 10 years of international involvement in Afghanistan will be a milestone in restoring peace, security and stability."


"Unfortunately, the limited speaking time will not allow me to voice the position of the Republic of Tajikistan on the entire range of issues under consideration today, and therefore, I will concentrate my speech on Afghanistan highlights the involvement of regional cooperation and supporting the political process in this country," - said Zarifi.


He stressed that Tajikistan is based on the fact that for a radical change of the situation in Afghanistan is necessary to emphasize, first, on its involvement in regional cooperation in infrastructure projects connecting the region through railways and roads, power lines, including project CASA-1000, gas pipelines, as well as other communications.


"Secondly, we must focus on human development in Afghanistan by improving education. Tajikistan is an active contribution to training for law enforcement and civilian needs in Afghanistan. Tajikistan also initiates the creation of a multidisciplinary educational and vocational and technical center on its territory and calls upon the international community to assist in its implementation, "- Foreign Minister said.


"We believe an important question involving Afghan farmers to agricultural programs to replace drug crops in the" peaceful ". In this regard, we propose to provide assistance to Afghanistan, particularly in addressing the problem of providing water and restoration of irrigation systems. We affirm the feasibility of building a network of hydropower stations in Tajikistan in the upper reaches of the Amu Darya and Panj rivers with dams for storing water and land reclamation in Afghanistan, "- said the Minister.


"Tajikistan, stressing the need for economic opportunities and natural resources of Afghanistan, I am sure that the Fifth Conference of Regional Economic Cooperation on Afghanistan (RECCA V), held March 26-27, 2012 in Dushanbe, will make a significant contribution in this regard. In preparation for the conference, we agree with the Afghan side to develop a systematic integration initiative, as well as the revival of historic trade routes and the strengthening of trade ties to them, "- he said.


For a real improvement in the situation in Afghanistan before and after 2014, according to Zarifi, requires "extraordinary efforts of the Afghan people and its government, as well as open and constructive cooperation in the region."


"Because of the decisions taken today for the future of the world situation, we need to put a priority not a regional or national concerns and biased ambitions and interests of native Afghanistan," - said Zarifi.