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19-12-2011, 14:40

Reconstruction of 220 kV switchyard of Nurek hydroelectric power station to be completed by the end of next year - Minenergoprom

Avesta.Tj | 19.12.2011 | Reconstruction of outdoor switchgear 220 kV (RBM) Nurek hydropower station will be completed in late 2012. This was "Avesta" According to the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan.


According to the source, currently prime contractor of the object - the French company "Areva" has completed the design, topographical, geological and other works. "In addition, acquired much of the equipment to replace the switchgear. Thus, practically completed about 80% of the total amount of work ", - said the source.


Recall that the loan agreement and financial grants worth 25 million euros between the Ministry of Finance and the German development bank KfW Entwicklungsbank was signed in Dushanbe in July 2008.


Of these, 7 million Euro provided in the form of grants. Loan and grant funds will be used to implement the first phase of the project switchyard of Nurek HPP (also available ORU-500 kV).


The source said that the reason the reconstruction is necessary to replace outdated equipment at ORU and ORU transfer to a more stable and safer area within the HPS. "The fact is that at the point where MRF is located, there is a subsidence of the soil", - the Minenergoprome.


Switchyard 220 kV, 133 km (distance from the Nurek to Tursunzade), designed to transmit electricity Tajik Aluminum Plant (Company "Talco").


"The reconstruction of the 220 kV switchyard using new technology. It will be closed, and will take much less space than is now "- said the source.


Nurek, with a capacity of 3,000 MW - the largest hydroelectric power station in Tajikistan. She was commissioned in 1972. The average annual hydropower electricity generation is about 11.2 billion kWh.