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24-07-2012, 09:00

Century Construction Rogun Turns into Secret Site

Avesta.Tj | 24.07.2012 |Representatives of the World Bank will check the process of ongoing rehabilitation work at the construction site of the biggest in Central Asia Rogun hydropower plant.


“They will visit the construction site of the Rogun hydropower plant to check what kind of work was conducted there”, - said Minister of Energy and Industry Gul Sherali.


The World Bank officials will submit their report to the government of the country upon visit to the site.

The reduction of number of workers at the site will be decided only upon submission of the report by the World Bank officials, noted the Minister.


Member of the European Parliament Struan Stevenson said last week in Dushanbe that protraction of the international review of the construction of the Rogun plant by the World Bank led to reduction of 5,500 work places at the construction sites of the plant-to be.


The construction is funded as planned, Deputy Finance Minister Jamoliddin Nuraliev said. Some $120 million was spent for construction of the plant for 6 months of this year. Over $230 million will be spent for this project this year, - he added.


“The agreements signed with contractors and equipment providers are in effect. Rehabilitation continues. There are no fallbacks from the schedule”, - Nuraliev told reporters on Monday.


Experts of the World Bank conduct Rogun plant technical and economic assessment and its environmental impact assessment. The Tajik authorities expect the findings of the assessments by February 2013.


The World Bank expressed concerns over process and methodology of the studies this May.


Due to protraction in assessments, the Tajik authorities had to delay construction of the dam until completion of the assessments.