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7-12-2012, 16:17

Zarifi Offered to Implement Hydropower Projects Openly in Central Asia

Avesta.Tj | 07.12.2012 | National hydropower projects of Tajikistan, including construction of the Rogun plant, will be implemented openly and in view of interests of all countries of the region, Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Hamrohon Zarifi said at the meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Dublin on December 6.

Amid severe electricity shortage in winter time, Tajikistan has no significant hydrocarbon reserves and lays a stake on hydropower development as the top priority national task in the nearest time, - said the information department of MFA RT.

Openness of Tajikistan with regard to the Rogun plant, which is aimed to resolve the energy crisis of the country, is proved by the request for the World Bank to make a comprehensive assessment of the project, - said Zarifi.

The existing water and energy issues in the region are greatly politicized and obstruct to regional cooperation, he added. Significant success can be achieved in this only through the joint efforts of all countries of the region, Zarifi said and reminded about Tajikistan's initiative to create an international water and energy consortium for Rogun project.

The Foreign Minister of Tajikistan underlined importance of a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the out-of-date and inefficient water use system of the region.

"We see a key role of OSCE in assisting the political dialogue in Central Asia to overcome disagreemetns over the range of water and energy issues, creation of the integrated water use system, provision of assistance to the countries of the region in achievement of compromise options of regulation of this issue. We urge OSCE to closely handle these issues in the context of the accumulated experience by the European countries in cooperation over the Danube basin”, - said the Tajik Minister.