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24-06-2014, 15:45

Almaty to Host One More Meeting on Rogun HPP

Avesta.Tj | 24.06.2014 |The fifth information-sharing and consultation meetings with riparian countries on the Assessment Studies of the proposed Rogun Hydropower Project (HPP) in Tajikistan are planned for the week of July 14, 2014.

According to the WB office in Dushanbe, the purpose of the meetings is to discuss the final draft set of summaries and reports on the Assessment Studies with interested parties from riparian countries including Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The World Bank is committed to ensuring good practice in information-sharing and encourages all riparian stakeholders to participate in the upcoming six-week comment period (June 17 – July 29) and riparian consultation meetings during the week of July 14.


The exact dates of these meetings will be announced shortly. The session for civil society representatives from all riparian countries will be chaired from Almaty and held through video or audio conference with World Bank Country Offices in Central Asia and Afghanistan.


These upcoming fifth regional riparian meetings will discuss the draft Techno-Economic Assessment Study (TEAS) Phase 2 Summary report and the draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report, which are financed by the International Development Association (Additional Financing for Energy Loss Reduction Project, IDA Grant No. H757-TJ).

These concluding products of the Assessment Studies, which were prepared by the international consultants Coyne & Bellier and Poyry, cover the following topics:

Dam Safety (design criteria, geology, floods, seismicity, dam stability)

Water Management & Reservoir Operations (hydrology, cascade operation, operating flow regime)

Economic & Financial Analyses

Implementation & Risks (construction materials, cost estimates, implementation schedule, risk analysis)

Environmental and Social Impacts (environmental, resettlement, socio-economic)

Impact on Riparian Countries

Analysis of Alternatives (alternatives to Rogun, dam alternatives)

Recommendations (environmental management plan, further studies)

These two reports are the final draft products of the Assessment Studies and the fifth consultation and comment period marks the end of the formal riparian consultation process. The Assessment Studies for the proposed Rogun HPP will be finalized after comments from riparian counterparts, civil society stakeholders, and local project affected people are received and carefully considered.

The documents have been disclosed on June 17, 2014 and are available on this webpage under "Materials” tab, and at the Government of Tajikistan website: www.energyprojects.tj.


In addition to the draft ESIA and TEAS prepared by the consultants, the World Bank prepared a draft note for discussion on Key Issues for Consideration on the Proposed Rogun HPP in order to bring together the key findings of the Assessment Studies and identify additional issues for consideration.