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11-10-2011, 11:40

An incomprehensible treatment head of "Barki Tojik" on unpleasant topic

Avesta.Tj | 11.10.2011 | Tajikistan. Autumn 2011. Like all the previous autumn and winter periods, this time marked not only the completion of agricultural work, a report on the cotton harvest, the fall of the call in the army, but there is another problem, disturbing of all, and each individually. This is a problem with power supply interruptions.


Traditionally, the "light" people turn off, not to say that suddenly, because with the onset of autumn, all the "waiting" for this "event", but without any warning. Was no exception, and the present autumn. For several days the rural population of Tajikistan, in particular the city of Vahdat, Rudaki, Hissar, Shahrinav receives electricity only 7.5-8 hours a day. And people are completely unaware and do not know really why they are deprived of the pleasure of seeing the light from 22 pm to 5 am and from 8:00 to 17 pm. People really do not know, put a limit or not?


"Barki Tojik", explains the main supplier of electricity off preventive maintenance and a reduction in flow of water in the Nurek reservoir. Again people do not understand what preventive work can be at night? These questions find answers, alas, is not easy. Because those responsible persons who could somehow clarify the situation, are occupied by other no less important in their opinion matters.


For example, we turned to the head of the press center, "Barki Tojik" Nozirdzhonu Yodgorov, which appears in a hurry to get on board in the TV "Safina", and will be able to talk to us only "after dinner". We call the chief dispatcher service center "Barki Tojik" Odinamahmadu Chorshanbievu, who also cannot comment on the situation, as in a hurry to planning meetings. Yes, even here his head against the wall.


We call friends in Hissar, Rudaki, Vahdat. "Light" they cut off at 8 o'clock, and they expect to see a burning "lamp Ilyich" only in the evening. And "off" concern for everyone, both residents of private homes and apartment buildings in these areas. Although there is a verbal instruction head of state voiced by him during the start of the next unit, "Sangtuda-1", to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to residents of apartment buildings, where they are not. It seems that any order of President must be satisfied at the level of "is", but unfortunately, the reality is quite different.


Remember, fall and winter 2010-2011. Electricity was supplied to the rural average of 10-12 hours a day, until the spring. In March, the problems began. "Barki Tojik" miscalculated, not calculated the amount of running water and electricity turned off at all. Although several previous day energy agency publicly publicly announced the complete abolition of the limit. And here came up, to the contrary.


It turned out that the culprit around Mother Nature, not giving power companies operate in the "relaxed atmosphere", and arranges all sorts of tricks. On April 18 the official site of "Barki Tojik" appeared good news ... "Dar chumhuri mahdudiyati bark Bekor shud “infarction (The country lifted the limit on electricity supply). The topic "Barki Tojik" did not address until October. The site energy holding this latest post, "hung" until October.


And now on the website "Barki Tojik" appeared appeal chairman Abdullah energy holding rivers, which once again asks people to "understand" and "forgive".


At the beginning of treatment, should be a lengthy explanation of the chapter "Barki Tojik" the overall situation in the energy system of the country. Jeers recalls that several years ago, the electricity in the autumn and winter, people get only 4-5 hours a day, and the last two years, 10-12 hours. The following examples, which we have heard more than once.


Also, a significant place in the treatment head of the "" Barki Tojik "given to the merits of the president and government who seek to improve the situation with energy supply. Another part of the treatment Erov dedicated to advances in the field of energy, - construction of small hydropower plants, transmission lines and other objects of the hydropower system in the republic.


The second paragraph is devoted to handling the issue on the state of electricity supply of the population this winter. "In the event of an early cold weather, reduced running water and electricity will be provided by water stored in reservoirs, and the introduction of restrictions on electricity consumption will be inevitable", - emphasized in the appeal.


Chairman of the "Barki Tojik" reminds that to electricity produced by water in rivers, it is necessary that flowage was 600-650 cubic meters per second. "Currently, flowage Vakhsh of 400-420 meters per second, and electricity generated by water storage in reservoirs", - says Erov.


"This autumn - a relatively cold, and we were forced to use water from the reservoir to generate electricity since September 26. For example, last year the water from the reservoir began to use October 27 ", - he explains.


The appeal notes that "" Barki Tojik "in order to maintain the water level in the reservoir to the cold weather, recommended its structures on the ground to turn off electricity at night. It turns out that employees "Barki Tojik" to talk to rural people and people with "understanding" attitude to this extent.


The third part is devoted to the treatment of the rumors and speculations that during the introduction of the limit are distributed among the people. Moreover, according to chairman energy holding, some of these rumors are being spread on purpose to "shake up society."


"Before, when we were in a common energy system of Central Asia, there were rumors that the electricity sold in Uzbekistan. When we came out of a single energokoltsa, rumor had it that we are selling electricity to Pakistan (for some reason forgotten about Afghanistan, about which of these "rumors" say more), and water to Uzbekistan, "- noted in circulation.


The President did not specify whether it is a still a limit, or not? Although the answer can be found in the same address in the paragraph "In the event of an early cold weather, reduced running water and electricity will be generated from water stored in reservoirs, and the introduction of restrictions on the consumption of electricity will become inevitable."


That is, if water from the Nurek reservoir for power generation began with the September 26, then judging by statements energy holding head, from this date and a limit. Then can be expressed more clearly, and say right? "The people you cut off electricity for 16 hours, because we do recommend that you get later in the winter light for 12 hours." It may become clearer to consumers.


Now, regarding the rumors. That they did not appear "Barki Tojik" must work more actively with the media. Intensify the work of the press center, the site in particular.Provide timely, accurate information to be objective, and then probably will be less speculation. Especially, after the power lines stretched in Afghanistan. Who will answer the question, yet we will sell the electricity to Afghanistan in the winter or not. (This is, again, to people with malicious intent do not spread rumors) A? Lord of energy?