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11-10-2011, 19:36

The official beginning of the transfer of Tajik electricity to Afghanistan, once again postponed

Avesta.Tj | 11.10.2011 | overflow of electricity on high voltage transmission lines 220 kV Sangtuda Puli Khumri from Tajikistan to Afghanistan is still an open question.


As reported by "Avesta" in the energy departments of Tajikistan, in the present 220 kV power transmission line Sangtuda Puli Khumri put under stress, "but not loaded."


According to a source, according to agreements reached earlier today, the 11th of October in the presence of leaders energy holding "Barki Tojik" Dams and Afghan companies have been held an official ceremony started putting the Tajik electricity to the other side of Panj.


"However, representatives from the Afghan side have not arrived, saying that the issue be discussed with the leadership of the Ministry of Energy and Water for their country, and only then make a decision", - said the source.


Recall that the question of export of electricity from Tajikistan to Afghanistan at 220 kV line Sangtuda Puli Khumri remains unresolved since the beginning of April this year, repeated negotiations of the parties, so far, been unsuccessful.


In turn, energy holding "Barki Tojik" noted that in the summer in the country there was a surplus of electricity in the amount of more than 4 billion kilowatt / hour, which had hoped to export to Tajikistan via Afghanistan LEP Sangtuda Puli Khumri. However, the time of commissioning of the power lines delayed several times "for technical reasons.


Manual energy departments of the republic has repeatedly stated that export electricity to Afghanistan will be carried out exclusively in the summer.


Now they do not exclude the possibility of transmission of electricity through power lines in Afghanistan Sangtuda Puli Khumri and winter, when the republic is an acute shortage of electricity.