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12-10-2011, 10:45

"Maintenance work", "Barki Tojik", before the first breath of autumn breeze

Avesta.Tj | 12.10.2011 | Tajikistan. October 2011. Last night in Dushanbe and the surrounding areas of the city breeze blew and took a little rain. Morning October 12 of the population in Rudaki district met without a "light". People went to work without the customary pialki hot tea, because there is no electricity.


Please call the dispatchers of electric networks in Rudaki district, typing 8-31-37 (code) 04.21.68 (phone number). Tube raises the man who introduced the dispatcher. Asked why today at 5 am not shone in "light Ilyich," the dispatcher replied that at the substation "Jangaly" because of the night wind and rain came down a few cells, and on the power line is broken. We asked the dispatcher to connect with the management of electricity, but no such luck. It turns out that leadership is in full force at the board to "Barki Tojik".


Then remember the pictures of TV news from around the world, where as a result of natural events (typhoons, storms, tsunamis, storms) are without electricity, entire communities, states, provinces. And we have reason for the lack of light served as a small breeze, and the subsequent rain.


It is against the background of when, starting from mid-summer, the government raised the issue of meetings preparing for the autumn-winter period, particularly the energy sector facilities. But the first whiff of the autumn wind and the first drops of rain, are the reason that somewhere flying transformers, cut off by power lines, and our 'online services grid "liquidate the consequences of hours, but it happens that for days.


We're talking about, it seems, on the individual case, but it is this "particular case" and is an indicator of readiness for the winter of our entire energy system. Continuing the theme, I note that the official website of "Barki Tojik" was published treatment head energy holding Abdullah riers to the inhabitants of Tajikistan, which essentially boils down to: "prepare for new challenges." By the way, today the website "Barki Tojik" this request was not there.


In our article published online on October 11 "Avesta" under "incomprehensible treatment head" Barki Tojik "to clear the theme," we tried to clarify some aspects of this treatment, without affecting the locations where Erov tells of Energy Holding, to improve power system Republic.


According to Abdullah jers in the current year from internal funds, "Barki Tojik" has built a number of large and small energy facilities. In particular substation was built in Kulob "Ismailov" 110/35/10kV, worth 9.6 million Somoni, was put into operation the first sub-station "20th Anniversary of Independence" 110/35/10kV in Kurgan-tube with a transformer capacity of 10 thousand kW and cost 4.6 million Somoni and other objects, which in total, spent about 40 million TJS.


It is clear that any funds allocated for repair and reconstruction of existing substations and transmission lines. Energy, turning off the "light" they say that it is connected with carrying out maintenance work, but again, "Mother Nature", with its vagaries of driving their efforts to naught.


Again bursting electrical wire, fly cells, and anything that people go to work without the customary tea, or anything that prepare children for school by candlelight (the benefit of our merchants are imported them in unlimited quantities). Nothing tolerate our electricians will eliminate all, because they follow the adage, "Prepare the sleigh in summer, and the passage in winter."


Speaking of energy supply, our officials from energy ministries often complain that consumers should be N-th of the amount of consumed electricity. But who is who, and how should - this is a separate issue.