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14-10-2011, 11:56

Murtazaev an article in "Pravda East", "Do not decently consider other people's money"

Avesta.Tj | 14.10.2011 | Tashkent once again decided to "run over" in Dushanbe on the project Rogun. On Tuesday, the government pages of the newspaper publication of Uzbekistan "Jahon" in an article, "Contrary to logic and reason" in which the Uzbek government has once again tried to express its position on Rogun in Tajikistan. The authors write in particular:


These days the media more and more coming information on the status of an international round of examination and preparation of feasibility study of Rogun in Tajikistan. This examination is conducted by the World Bank commissioned an international consortium of companies "Coin and Lingerie", "ELC Electron consult SpA" and "IPA Energy + Water Consulting".


The need for an objective independent international examination of the Rogun hydroelectric project in the world's highest dam height 335 m is the major concern of the neighboring countries and the world community in connection with the fact that this construction project, prepared in the 70's of last century, long outdated and that the place of construction chosen mountain area in the upper Amu Darya with seismicity 8-10, taking into account the possible negative environmental, technological and economic impacts of the construction of this huge complex.


As part of the representatives of the Tajik authorities and state agencies involved in the implementation of this ambitious project, a consortium of experts the impression that the government of the Republic of Tajikistan, in spite of the arguments and the final result of the outcome of the developed feasibility study is still configured to implement the initial project concept with unprecedented giant the dam.


The financing of the construction of buildings, as well as meaningful socio-economic situation in the country who do not let this overly capital-intensive construction, or in any way concerned about the leadership of the republic. The country has launched a powerful scale aggressive promotion of the project, feasibility study which has not yet been completed.


Between the consortium and the Tajik side there are serious disagreements over the base of the dam inspection by probing the soil. A preliminary assessment has identified issues that require further study and analysis. In particular, because of the considerable thickness of weathered zone is necessary to study the lower and upper part of the foundations of the dam to a more thorough study of the site in terms of conditions of rocks, water levels etc.


Despite the categorical objections of international experts, the Tajik authorities obsessed with the idea this year, without waiting for an expert opinion, to begin building the first phase of Rogun with an intermediate height of the dam is 120 m, in order to put the international community with an accomplished fact adventurous.


Representatives of the international consortium insist on drilling multiple wells at the top of pillars and conducting mechanical tests of rock cores selected, which is a prerequisite for determining the strength of laying the foundation.


OAXK "Barki Tojik" first came out against the said work by experts of the consortium, but then offered to instruct their representatives execution of Iranian contractors, while the consortium insisted on the conditions of the contract and the participation of its experts in these studies.


This approach is dictated by the Tajik authorities' confidence in the fact that Iranian contractors will be given the necessary guidance for the conclusion of Tajikistan.


Non-constructive, one-sided focus on the construction of the RT Rogun failure Tajik side the recommendations of the World Bank not to start construction of HPP and not to any work until a final conclusion on the feasibility study all the more difficult the situation, and call into question the usefulness of further examination.


According to reports, continues to mobilize additional human resources to enhance the construction work. In the construction area has about 2.5 thousand people.


Naturally, such an aggressive approach of the Tajik side to the project, regardless of the reasonable arguments of the companies for which the World Bank, entrusted with the objective of international expertise, reaffirms desire leadership of Tajikistan at any cost, regardless of any possible tragic consequences for millions of people to carry out intrusive the idea for the construction of Rogun.


In a situation like we have every reason to expect that such arrogant attempts by Tajik authorities to ignore the insistent repeated warnings about the possible tragic consequences of the implementation of long-outdated draft Rogun meet proper appreciation, primarily from the World Bank and the international community, in order to These potentially harmful effects do not become a reality.


In turn, according to Tajik expert circles, the authors contradict themselves. Such an opinion in an interview to "Avesta" told the independent expert on environmental issues Uktam Murtazaev. "The article consists entirely of contradictions, it is difficult to understand why people argued that wrote this article" - wonders Murtazaev.


"First of all, Rogun project is not implemented in the upper reaches of the Amu Darya, hydroelectric power is based on the runoff of the Vakhsh River. Second, do not properly consider other people's money. Tajikistan will be allocated to the project as much money as you need, given its strategic importance, "- said the expert.


"The reservoir will be filled with HPS due quota of Tajikistan on water resources distributed across the region in the mid 80s of last century," - he said.


The expert notes that currently tries to Uzbekistan, "his game" around the expertise of the project, and the differences that exist between Tajikistan and the World Bank on the date of commencement of construction of the dam.


"The time will come, and the Uzbek government does not recognize the results of international expertise, while Tajikistan, at one time agreed to carry it out, thereby delaying by several years the process of building a dam power station" - sure Murtazaev.


"In addition, the Uzbek side is constantly" writes fairy tales "about possible earthquakes in the area of Rogun and forgets about a similar project, which is the Nurek hydroelectric station," - said the expert


"Then they forget about the strong earthquakes that occurred in Japan, which has not suffered any of the two thousand reservoirs located in the country. This suggests that the dam's reservoir, and this type of margin is very high, "- he said.


"If we do not build the Rogun hydroelectric plant, the offspring will not forgive us this", - summed Murtazaev.