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17-10-2011, 08:31

Communist Party leader proposes to create a special commission to regulate electricity tariffs

Avesta.Tj | 17.10.2011 | Members of the lower chamber of the Tajik parliament introduced a new draft law "On Energy", which provides for the establishment of a special commission to set tariffs for electricity and heating. This was "Avesta" said deputy lower house of the Tajik parliament, leader of the Communist Party Shodi Shabdolov.


According to him, on the development of this bill, which takes into account the experiences of different countries, in particular, India, Moldova, Ukraine and Europe in setting tariffs for district heating, it took a half years.


"There is no one government agency to produce and sell electricity to consumers at their discretion. In many countries, it is a special committee is studying all the material and scientific proved true cost of electricity and heat supply to consumers ", - explained Shabdolov.


Communist leader believes that the establishment of such a commission in Tajikistan to the socio-economic situation in the country. "Why do people half of which lives below the poverty line should pay for dirams to 9 kilowatts of electricity when a single enterprise pays much less," - questioned the deputy.


According Shabdolova, the special commission, if established, will include up to 10 people. It must be experienced people who will study in detail all the proposals on the establishment of tariffs for electricity and heat, and then decide, "- said Shabdolov.


"In addition, the bill raises issues of restructuring the industry, in particular, hydropower, transmission lines, as well as investment projects of the energy sphere. Thus, the cost of electricity and heating will be studied from hydropower, transportation, in particular, through the power line, "- he said.


The MP also noted that the "government of the republic many opponents on the part of a special commission. "However, until November 15, there is still time and we intend to prove to the Government of the Republic need to establish such a commission. Retreat, we are not going to "- he concluded.


Recall the last time electricity rates rose in Tajikistan in early 2010, according to which the public pays for every kilowatt of electricity consumed dirams 9, compared with 5 dirams who pays the Tajik Aluminum Plant.