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24-10-2011, 16:20

Rogun and saxophone. Hillary devoted ...

On the chessboard of the Tajik players have alternate turns. It seems that white is the Kremlin, Washington holds the defense. Have not had the gambit? A pawn can take the board and turning?


The next visit of Mrs. Clinton was "a bang". "Pro-American" Zarifi on the photos with her looks. Hundreds of young men and women, participants of "civil society" with Hilary just write happy comments. This is only a day after a mob crucified corpse Libya Muammar Gaddafi, one of the sworn enemies of Washington, who was overthrown with the support of NATO.


Yes it was a totalitarian and cruel ruler who has no place in 21st century. But he was a worthy contender for the West, it is enough to make it worth it to respect and pay tribute to his demise. But no hint of regret about the barbaric behavior of the lifeless body, no word of regret, but all American television stations did not disdain shouts of "Allahu Akbar", the crowd jerking body.


Arab hot spring "Гами Демократи" took fire on the Maghreb, leaving behind ashes and tears. Middle East almost to his knees. Remaining shaking, are reviewing their policies with respect to the White House. Oil continues to swing and sway. She came back a democracy? Is there came peace and development? I think these questions are not originally stand in Washington's foreign policy for many decades.


Hillary pretty woman. A strong woman. Unable to swallow one's pride after the scandal with lessons on the saxophone Bill and Monica. For the sake of family and country, she became stronger and was able to use the sympathy of the female electorate States and reach the first position. If not for a political necessity, it is likely, but not Barack Obama, now would be tucked into the Oval Office. But whether it was this? Become another puppet of the military-energy complex of the U.S. ...


I leave without comment its successful Rollton-lecture for our young minds at a meeting in The Ismaili Centre. There were those who wanted to hear what she said. Hear what is said on thousands of American roundtables and workshops around the world - human rights, the rights of women and the faithful, the responsibility of government and freedom of speech. It's golden words, but it's wrapper, which is covered evil.


In Vietnam, you defend human rights? This is so protected the rights of believers - pastor unpunished performances with the Koran and a cigarette lighter in your hands? It is set in Afghanistan democracy, where tens of thousands of people killed and almost all the leaders who really knocked the Taliban out of Kabul ... And today, Hillary calls on IRA to a puppet government to actively negotiate with the Taliban, those who called themselves yesterday devil. Theater of the absurd, the ballet of double standards.


The whole Arab world on fire. Only Tunisia - for Europe, the resort still has some chance of stability. In other countries before the war and new brewing unrest ... But, God be with them, personally, I care about our own country. 20 years in a row, the United States, who decided on their own, that this region is of strategic importance to them of the planet, and only do what we promise gingerbread, humanitarian aid and fed with small grants, and trying to fool head Rahmon and the elites do not really integrate with giving someone of a real partner.


I'm going to say things rough, Hilary, and American fans may be offended by me, but it's true. United States have played a recent role in Tajikistan and are more evil than good. Americans do not invest in our economy by sending only food and medicine from expiring, and the other half allocated grant funds themselves and mastered in the form of their own consultants and NGOs. Sharply, but it is. Of real investment in our country only bridge to Afghanistan and a joint venture on Aini mine, where most need to talk about fraud, than about the business. For the miser sold strategic site resell to China of dual-use materials, which are not met its investment obligations ...


Washington likes to allude to the loans and grants from the IMF and World Bank, as we know fully Supervised U.S.. And what is all this money gone? The construction of roads, tunnels? To create a textile factory or a new school? No! Different projects with some arcane names, meaning all of which can be brought under one definition - sponsorship of corruption in government and local authorities. And all of this money back to you as the purchase of two new "Boeing" company, which, strictly speaking, and spinning are the same laundered funds.


Up there in the first paragraph, I took the words civil society in quotation marks. In quotes, because such are not yet exist. Most of the embryos is the sponsorship program, the essence of which live on the grant to grant. There is no strong civil society, there is only the mass of activists, western-oriented, wanting to shower in an Arab spring, but does not really represent what you can offer in return for what is now. Until recently, I myself was out of this agouty until realized that they no longer want to be a pawn.


Ask yourself - have someone from the sector who are not afraid to and said, "Rahmon, you're wrong?" Now that he's on the throne, when the government must show how far they have come off from the people and need serious reform of the anti-revolutionary. To say this is because we need, not Washington, Moscow and Tehran, or to someone else. I can not hear their voices, or those still very weak, a soldier in the field.


We can not decide their own fate and life - is here we have helped create a civil society by the Americans. And who too carried away by the ideas of democracy, now in another world, or in places not so remote. They believed "the West will help them", and Washington, where he successfully is a game of chess, likes to keep silent "in a rag."


For so many years the State Department muddies here alludes to the real program of cooperation, promoting "American standards of democracy." But you really have no one here is not needed. Russia kicks in "Rogun matter," That has more in touch with its direct competitors. And the point? No, it turns out.


Washington today continues the words Hillary stupidly insist that to start building Rogun to wait for the experts of World Bank assessment (ie, their own opinion), though well aware that a positive assessment was given the already well-known European company four years ago. From this position, all perfectly clear here. Alas, such decisions are made by Hilary politician, before whose eyes are still the same saxophone, not Hillary, a woman who would have to imagine what one feels when her newborn baby to sleep quietly at night in the cold and gravure has never open your eyes.


Hilary beautiful woman, but came to us, not a woman and a politician. The same limited and false as Bush. And she deserved to throw a shoe, a sign that we are tired of their lies. Maybe it's worth it to do the very same "intelligentsia", which demanded an apology from Medvedev for his impudence to announce that the logic requires unanimity across the country ...


Chess live, pawn move, announced checkmate, castling done ... Sometimes players give way partners, but pawns nothing changes. They are candidates for sacrifice, the future base grinder. They believe that their bosses, players are smart and fair, and their side will win, not wanting to think that parallel play a lot of other, perhaps more important for those parties, and our victory is not in their interest.


Maybe chess pawns and president understand at one point that losing the game, you can change if you stop moving to the beat of manipulative hands. Stop waiting for smart moves "from above" and begin to walk the plank, where nobody wants to put mat. People - is a powerful force, it is able to live and create without outside help, or even under the pressure of external factors. But who will unite? That we have a democracy - the power of the Tajik people, not a game of geopolitical giants. To have human rights, such that glorified our great ancestors, and as it is written in the Avesta, but not like in Iraq. That we have a Rogun, but not poyuzat saxophone ...


Zafar Abdullaev,

specifically for Avesta.TJ