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1-11-2011, 11:27

If we do not build Roghun, we may lose the Nurek - "Barki Tojik"

Avesta.Tj | 01.11.2011 |'s largest reservoir in Tajikistan Nurek hydroelectric expects full sedimentation in 15-20 years, if during this time will not be built Rogun hydroelectric power plant. This view was expressed to journalists specialists OAXK "Barki Tojik" and Nurek hydroelectric station, transmits the Tajik service of "B-BBC."


According to the head of the central dispatch service "Barki Tojik" Odinamahmada Chorshanbieva, the level of the Nurek reservoir is 300 meters, then, as a useful level of water used to generate electricity, only 53 meters. Experts are concerned about the process of silting up the Nurek reservoir, located on the alignment of the Vakhsh River.


"If we clean the bottom of the reservoir, it will once again silt with the first spring rains. The only solution - is Rogun. In this case the Nurek reservoir will be filled with clean water, recycled turbines Rogun "- says Chorshanbiyev.


According to him, if they continue to siltation Nurek, production of electricity in the winter can drop to 4 million kW / h. Nurek, which is the largest hydroelectric plant in the republic produces more than 40 million kilowatt / hours of electricity each day, representing over 70% of the total electricity produced in the country.


Recall, 28 October in Almaty at the press conference Chairman of the Eurasian Development Bank Igor Finogenov noted that the EDB is considering financing the reconstruction of Nurek hydropower plant in Tajikistan.


According Finogenova, the project is very stable and attractive investment and financial point of view.


"Besides myself Nurek hydroelectric power plant is strategically important for Tajikistan", - stressed the Chairman of the EDB.


He did not specify the amount of the forthcoming installment in Tajikistan, only noting that the proposal is studied thoroughly, and we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.