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1-11-2011, 19:24

Foreign Minister of Tajikistan, told Turkish businessmen on CASA-1000 project

Avesta.Tj | 01.11.2011 | Tajik Foreign Minister Zarifi Hamrokhon, located in Istanbul with a working visit to participate at the Istanbul Conference on Afghanistan, "Cooperation and Security in the heart of Asia", held a meeting with Turkish investors and entrepreneurs - members of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs Manufacturers and TUSKON. As reported by "Avesta" in the department of MFA Republic of Tajikistan, in the course of the conversation Zarifi, introduced the investment projects in the areas of hydropower, light industry, agriculture and the creation of joint enterprises for the processing of honey, fruits and vegetables, aluminum, marble, granite, oil and of gas. According to a source, the minister also spoke about the opportunities for participation of foreign investors and partners in the implementation of housing projects, construction of recreational facilities (hotels, recreation areas, stadiums, etc.), and drew attention to the regional project CASA-1000 and RT legislation on investment activity . "Turkish businessmen and investors have expressed interest in legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Tajikistan, investment projects in different areas, participation in open international competitions, taxation and customs duties for imports of manufactured goods," - said the Foreign Ministry. According to him, the Turkish businessmen and investors informed Foreign Minister RT that they intend to introduce and establish trade cooperation to visit Tajikistan in November 2011. "The meeting was attended by businessmen and investors, leading activities in areas such as hydropower, agriculture, textile and food industry", - concluded the source.