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3-11-2011, 11:34

Rogun ready for an overlap

Avesta.Tj | 03.11.2011 | Restoration work in the second spillway tunnel Rogun done ahead of schedule. This was "Avesta" According to the JSC "Rogun."


The source said the restoration work on this building site shall be held ahead of schedule by three months. "Until the full commissioning of second spillway tunnel is left to work on strengthening and hardening of an object" - said the source.


"Now after all the work to block the channel of the Vakhsh River in the vicinity of Rogun to build the dam. According to the project to start the first stage only the first hydroelectric spillway tunnel, which is ready for operation. The second tunnel is useful only during floods, it is spring, and by the time all rehabilitation works will be fully implemented, "- said the source.


In JSC "Rogun" not comment on the issue, held this year in a river Vakhsh overlap for the construction of hydroelectric dams, if by that you're done.


In a joint-stock company noted that the restoration work carried out "boldly on its own," "a decision on the overlap of the channel of the Vakhsh River will be the next political step firm. "Technically, the overlap is possible, however, the adoption of such decisions are not within our competence", - stressed in OAO "Rogun."


"If this year overlap still held, then the next year, electricity shortages will be felt much less, since due to clear water from the reservoir Rogun at the right time, the Vakhsh cascade of hydropower will develop in the autumn-winter period an additional 4 billion kW / hElectricity "- said the source.


The question of the possible start of construction of the dam Rogun not comment as to "Barki Tojik" and Minenergoprom, noting only that "the issue will solve a special state commission."


According to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic for the first nine months of this year for reconstruction in the Rogun project spent about 620 million Somoni (more than $ 138.3 million), and before the year is planned to allocate more than 200 million Somoni. Of the 2012 budget for these purposes will be allocated over a billion somoni.