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16-01-2015, 16:41

About 200 Tajik citizens fighting in Syria, Iraq: Interior Minister


Avesta.Tj | 16.01.2015 | Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda said here on Fiday that last year Tajikistan’s law enforcement authorities instituted criminal proceedings against 53 Tajik nationals for participation in foreign armed conflicts.

According to Rahimzoda, 12 of them were fighting in Syria and Iraq. Three Tajik nationals who had given up fighting in Syria and returned home had been amnestied, he said.

The Internal Minister said that about 200 Tajik nationals are fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Rahimzoda noted that no measures had been introduced against the relatives of those Tajik militants. "We ask them to help us return their relatives to Tajikistan,” the minister said.

The minister added that all Tajik nationals participating in foreign armed conflicts will be amnestied if they return to Tajikistan.