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27-01-2015, 14:03

One dead in Tajikistan food poisoning


Avesta.Tj | 27.01.2015 |The food poisoning in a village Shahrak in northern Tajikistan’s Sughd Province has left six members of a rural family hospitalized in serious condition, the country’s Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.

Among them, a seven-year-old Muborak Sattorova was confirmed dead and another five remain hospitalized, having contracted botulism poisoning.

The family showed food poisoning symptoms after eating home-canned food last evening.

Botulism is a rare and potentially fatal paralytic illness caused by a toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The disease begins with weakness, trouble seeing, feeling tired, and trouble speaking. This may then be followed by weakness of the arms, chest muscles and legs. The disease does not usually affect consciousness or cause a fever.

Botulism can occur in a few different ways. The bacterial spores that cause it are common in both soil and water. They produce botulinum toxin when exposed to low oxygen levels and certain temperatures. Foodborne botulism happens when foods containing the toxin are eaten.