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15-07-2015, 15:59

18 armed clashes registered on Tajik-Afghan border



Avesta.Tj | 15.07.2015 |Eighteen armed clashes between the Tajik border guards and armed drug smugglers were registered on the Tajik-Afghan border for the first six month of this year, Tajikistan’s State Committee for National Security (SCNS) said Wednesday.


Nine drug traffickers have been detained, eleven trespassers have been killed and one trespasser has been wounded.

Tajik border guards have seized 13 firearms and 520 bullets of different caliber, according to the SCNS.

Tajik border guards have also seized more than 657 kg of drugs, including nearly 46 kg of heroin, 255 kg of raw opium, and 365 kg of cannabis and destroyed about 280,000 bushes of wild hemp over the six-month period.

For the first half of this year, 62 cases of violation of the national border have been registered, 54 trespassers and 81 violators of border regime have been detained.

Tajik border guards jointly with other law enforcement agencies of the country have carried out 32 special operations.