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29-09-2015, 09:53

Tajik gov't proposes to ban islamic revival party


Avesta.Tj | 29.09.2015 | The Tajik prosecutor-general's office on Tuesday formally asked the supreme court to ban Tajikistan’s Islamic Revival Party (IRP), whose leaders are charged with criminal connection with a rebellious general.

On Sept. 16 , all the IRP leadership were detained and later charged with setting up a criminal group.

The IRP leader Mukhiddin Kabiri left the country earlier this year after his party was defeated in parliamentary election.

The party activists and Kabiri were accused of criminal connection with the terrorist group led by Major General Abduhalim Nazarzoda, the country's former deputy defence minister.

On Sept. 4,  Nazarzoda together with his supporters staged two terrorist attacks on the outskirts of the capital Dushanbe and in the town of Vahdat, just outside the capital.

Nazarzoda seized a large amount of weapons and hid at the Romit gorge. More than 100 terrorists were detained in an anti-terrorist operation that followed the attacks.

Nazarzoda was killed on Sept. 16 and the anti-terrorist operation to eliminate his gang ended on the same day.