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22-07-2014, 16:30

Huaxin Gayur Company to Engage in Charity Work

Avesta.Tj | 22.07.2014 | The ceremony, dedicated to the creation of the charity fund "I love Tajikistan”, took place in Yovan district of Hatlon province, on July 21.

According to the Chinese Embassy to Tajikistan, the fund is created by the joint Tajik-Chinese cement company Huaxin Gayur. It is the first such fund that the Chinese enterprise creates in Tajikistan.

The aim of fund is to help needy families, villages and local government in the objects construction of socio-economic importance.

During the ceremony, it was announced several projects receiving assistance. The fund will allocate a bus to the schoolchildren and create a sewing workshop.

The ceremony was attended by the Chinese Ambassador to Tajikistan, Fan Xianrong and the Chairman of Hatlon region Gulmahmadov.

Huaxin Gayur Cement Company has officially launched in September 2011, in Yovon district of Tajikistan. It was established by Huaxin Zhongya Investment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd, the subsidiary of Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd, and Gayur Limited Liability Company.

Huaxin Zhongya Investment (Wuhan) Investment Co., Ltd assumes the 75% ownership interest and Gayur Limited Liability Company owns 25 percent of the shares in Huaxin Gayur Cement Co., Ltd.

Tajikistan’s annual requirements in cement have sharply increased in connection with construction of the Rogun hydroelectric power plant (HPP), highways and other facilities of the nationwide significance.