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25-07-2014, 14:55

Jonibek Akobirov, Tajik Author, Dies at 62


Avesta.Tj | 25.07.2014 | The famous Tajik writer, Jonibek Akobirov, died on Friday at the age of 62.


Last years, the writer suffered from brain tumor despite that he had continued his creative activity.


Akobirov, from the late 90s till last minutes of his life, worked as the executive editor of literary magazine "Sadoi Shark” (Voice of East).


Tajik author Jonibek Akobirov was born in the family of workers in Ravshan village in the Komsomolabad province in 1952.


Akobirov graduated from Tajikistan State University (Evening Extension) with a degree in history in 1980. Thereafter, he served as the Editor of Irfon Publications (1971-1978), Tajik News, Madaniyati Tojikiston, and Adabiyot va San'at (1978-1983).


The themes of Akobirov's stories are centered on rural life and life in the highlands. He is particularly interested in the impact of urban life on the young Tajiks who leave their villages for the tranquility of the city only to be faced with urban perplexities.


Akobirov's first collection of stories, Farzand (Offspring), was published in 1976. His other works include Dunyo ba Umid (The World Hope, 1978), Khirmani Sitora (The Harvest of Stars, 1985), Kuhistoni (From the Highlands, 1987), and Dostonhoi Pazmoni (Stories of Down Times, 1992).