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25-07-2014, 17:18

14 Percent of Tajik Population Leaves in Extreme Poverty


Avesta.Tj | 25.07.2014 | Tajik poverty rate stands at 35.6 % in Tajikistan, the Director of Statistics Agency told Friday at a press conference.

Hasanova noted, three thousand households across the country have been surveyed and households with budgets less than 145 somoni ($29) a month have been rated as poor families.

The findings of the survey show that 14% of Tajik households lived in extreme poverty, because they could not afford to spend more than 104 somoni ($20.8) a month.

The country’s 2012 poverty statistics revealed that 38.3 percent of Tajikistan’s population of 7.7 million lives on less than $2.15 per day.

That number is significantly down from poverty levels in 2008, when 50 percent of the population of the mountainous Central Asian state lived in an impoverished state. That percentage then declined to 46.7 percent in 2009 and 41 percent in 2012.

It is unclear what precisely is driving the decreasing numbers of those living in poverty in Tajikistan, since industrial productivity remains stagnant and investment is still low.

The steadily increasing amount of remittances sent by migrant workers to their Tajik families is likely to account for much of the decline in poverty.