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14-08-2014, 15:38

6,000 Tons of Grain Harvested in Shahristan



Avesta.Tj | 14.08.2014 | By today, the farmers have harvested more than 6,000 tons of grain in Shahristan district located in northern Tajikistan, the head of Shahristan district, Naim Muqimov, said Thursday.


This year, the sown area was increased by 240 hectares due to development of new lands.


600 small and alternative farms in the area are engaged in grain collection, mainly wheat and barley, - Naim Muqimov added.


The total area under grain crops this year amounted to about 11, 000 hectares of land.


Shahristan District or Nohiya-i Shahriston is a district in Sughd province, Tajikistan. Its capital is Shahriston.


 It is 84 miles (136km) north of Dushanbe and 99 miles (159km) east of Samarkand.