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18-08-2014, 16:16

Population Increases by 2.3% in Tajikistan for Year


Avesta.Tj | 18.08.2014 | The population size of Tajikistan increased by 2.3 percent for a year, the Statistics Agency said Monday.


The population thus exceeded 8.25 million people at the beginning of July 2014.


The most notable increase in population was registered in Khatlon province and the Districts of Republican Subordination, the population of which increased by 2.5 percent to 2.93 million and 1.9 million people respectively.


The population of Sughd province increased by 2.2 percent, making 2.42 million people as of July 2014.


Meanwhile, the population in Dushanbe increased by 1.7 percent. The capital is home to nearly 780 thousand people.


The lowest population growth was registered in Gorno Badakhshan – by 0.9 percent. Despite the autonomous republic takes up nearly a half of the Tajikistan's territory, only 213 thousand people live there.


Tajikistan's population of 8 million is substantially higher than the 7.5 million population at the 2010 census, although the country still has a low population density of 48 people per square kilometer (126/sq mi), which ranks 155th in the world.


Most of the people in Tajikistan belong to the Persian-speaking Tajik group (79.9%), but there are large populations of Uzbeks (15.3%) and Russians (1%), whose numbers are falling due to emigration.


Ethnic Russians accounted for 7.6% of the population in 1989, which has now fallen to 1% after Tajikistan's civil war from 1992 to 1997.