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26-09-2014, 10:10

Idi Qurbon Coincides with Tajik President’s Birthday

Avesta.Tj | 26.09.2014 | Tajikistan will celebrate Idi Qurbon (Eid al-Adha in Arabic) on October 5 that coincides with the Tajik President Emomali Rahmon’s birthday and State Language Day.


Ulama Council of Tajikistan’s Islamic Center held a meeting here on Thursday to discuss issues related to celebration of Idi Qurbon festival this year. According to the Ulama council, Tajikistan will mark Idi Qurbon on Oct. 5.


Idi Qurbon (Eid al-Adha) occurs on the tenth day of the Islamic month of Zul-Hijjah.  It is one of two Eid festivals that Muslims celebrate.


Eid ul-Adha is celebrated by Muslims worldwide as a commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son (Ishmael) for Allah.  Depending on the individual and area of the Muslim world the son of Abraham will be named or go unnamed. 


Others celebrate Eid-ul Adha as it marks the end of the Pilgrimage or Hajj for the millions of Muslims who make the trip to Mecca each year.  Like Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha also begins with a short prayer followed by a khutba.  In Mecca, the Khutba is delivered from Mount Arafat. 

The Hajj, a journey to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, is one of the five pillars of Islam.

On Oct. 5 Tajikistan will also mark State Language Day. Until 2010, it had been celebrated annually on July 22, the anniversary of the designation of Tajik as the state language in 1989. But on July 21, 2010 the Tajik President Emomali Rahmon amended the date to October 5.

A new law on official languages that went into effect in Tajikistan in October 2010 removed Russian as the "language for interethnic communication.”

It is to be noted that the new date (October 5) of celebration of State Language Day coincides with birthday of President Emomali Rahmon.