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1-12-2014, 14:00

Tajikistan celebrates World AIDS Day

Avesta.Tj | 01.12.2014 |Tajikistan is taking various preventive measures today on the occasion of the World AIDS Day that has been observed annually on Dec. 1, since 1988.


According to the AIDS control center of Tajikistan, 6309 HIV cases have been officially registered in the country from 1991 to Oct.1 of this year. Over the reported period 1146 people died from the disease.


For the past nine months of this year 759 new cases of AIDS (348 of them are women and 411 – men) were identified in the country.


This day millions of people around the world wear the red ribbon that is the global symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with AIDS. The red ribbon unites the people in the common fight against this disease.


The first HIV cases were reported in 1981. According to the UNAIDS, 35 million people were living with HIV or AIDS in 2013. Since the beginning of 1981, about 78 million people in the world were infected with this virus, while about 39 million died from this disease.