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30-06-2015, 14:14

Very hot weather conditions expected in Tajikistan for next 5 days

Avesta.Tj | 30.06.2015 | A very hot weather conditions are expected in Tajikistan on Wednesday and will continue for five more days, the Tajik Hydrometeorology Center said on Tuesday.


Heat wave conditions will prevail in central Tajikistan, in the nothern province of Sughd and the southern province of Khatlon, with the maximum temperature touching nearly 47 degrees Celcius.

Hot weather could lead to increase in water levels in the snow-fed rivers (Vakhsh, Panj, Bartang, Varzob, Zaravshon and others).  Glacial mudflows are reportedly expected in mountain areas. 

The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare Navruz Jafarov said that a special staff has been placed on high alert to help those who might be struggling as temperatures soar.

Jafarov also advised residents not to venture out during peak summer hours.